David Speight Photography

Lone Birch, Calderdale West Yorkshire

Lone Birch, Calderdale West Yorkshire

A solitary Birch sapling growing between Gritstone boulders in autumn at Blake Dean. With a promising forecast for mist on this particular morning, I headed out the door early with a different image in mind. I'd seen a lovely Rowan tree, full of big red berries which overhangs a small stream, and really fancied a shot with the berries contrasting against the misty valley. Arriving at first light though, it was obvious the best of the mist had shifted further down the valley, and the original shot didn't really work without it to my mind. Following the tail end of the mist down the valley brought me to this small Birch which I recognised, but hadn't photographed before. The light mist just subdued the colour and contrast quite nicely I thought, and meant that I salvaged something from the day. Sometimes it's better not to plan!

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