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One thing that has been very encouraging and re-assuring over the years is the number of clients who have returned not just for a second workshop, but in some cases now up to a staggering eight or nine times! I am so very grateful for your continued support, and would really like to say a big thank you firstly for attending, but also for taking the time to write down your thoughts and comments regarding the workshops.

If you have attended any of the workshops past or present, and would like to leave a few comments on the testimonials page, it would be greatly appreciated. Your personal details will not be published or passed on to any third parties.

David, Many thanks for organising the week long trip to Scotland. How you manage to organise a dry Scotland with blue skies for a whole week in November is a mystery to me but you achieved it. It is a credit to yourself and the dedication you put into preparing your workshops that for such a distant location you were able to take us to ideal spots in the middle of nowhere to take shots of breath taking scenery in both Glencoe and on the Isle of Eigg. This was my 3rd workshop with you and again I appreciated the knowledge and skills you were able to pass on to all of us (as well as the loan of some of your equipment). Not only was it educational from the photography point of view it was also an excellent weeks holiday - well that's how it felt, tiring but great fun. Looking forward to going to the lakes with you in the near future. Phil W

Phil Walker

Hi David. A big thank you for the one-to-one course held on the East Coast on Wednesday. You started with really basic help on manual shooting and helped me understand what my micro four-thirds is capable of. Much more than I thought, and I can't wait to keep practicing non-automatic images!! We had amazing weather, but your knowledge of the tides and the timing of the sunset set me up for some beautiful sunset shots that I didn't think I would be able to do. You have really fired my imagination with your references to patterns and lines, and I can't wait to get the tripod out again in Scotland next week. Thank you very much. Sue

Sue S

Hi David, I cant say how much I enjoyed the workshop, even in the wet morning conditions. You are a natural teacher, that is quite a rare skill. The advice was constructive and never judgemental and we both felt that we could ask for help without feeling stupid. I was physically tired after such a long day - don't know how you do it and keep up the enthusiasm when working on consecutive days. I will be coming on some future workshops. Thanks again Lyn

Lyn R

Hi David. Thanks very much for the two day North Yorkshire Coast workshop last weekend. I absolutely loved the weekend. With your help, advice and knowledge, I have hopefully moved on now from someone who only shot photographs in automatic, to someone who is now beginning to understand and explore the real potential of my camera. The photographs I took are stunning and by far and away the best I have ever taken.

I now need to practice further all I learnt from you, but recognising there is still more to learn, I will be considering booking another course with you, just waiting for slightly warmer weather!

Nigel R

Dear David, The Acrylic panel arrived on Monday thank you, as scheduled. I am very pleased to say that the picture has even exceeded our aspirations! It is a very vibrant and colourful print and the acrylic mounting format is stunning, and will act as a vivid reminder of a trip we had there last year on a bright sunny day. My normally difficult to please partner (who it was a late Christmas present for) described it as the most beautiful picture she’d seen. I was initially concerned about the very high-gloss finish acting like a mirror, as the location we bought it for is on a reflection line next to our living room bay window. I ordered this finish, following your initial suggestion, mainly as the canvas version wasn’t available in my favoured size. However, the appearance when viewed from other angles in the room and in artificial light, more than makes up for any surface reflection issues. We have an existing ceiling spotlight located directly above it which further helps to enhance it in artificial light. Many thanks for your assistance and advice during my order. 36"x24" Acrylic Panel

Ian R

We are pleased to be associated with David Speight Photography and have recently received two exceptional pictures, shortly to have pride of place in our offices. No doubt we will fill more space by selecting from Davids collection, particularly since a lot of his work reflects the local landscape in a beautiful part of the country. Equally important is his choice of frame which enhances the quality of the picture and his workmanship in particular. Our business is based around high quality product and we wish to portray that throughout the factory and offices – David’s work perfectly fits in with that ethos. David Wadsworth, Mangaing Director, Flow Technology L.T.D Framed Prints and Acrylic Panel

David W

First off, David is an extremely talented photographer who produces some wonderful images – just check out his gallery if you haven’t already done so. He is also a top guy, very friendly with a great sense of humour, and someone who really cares about making sure that the clients on his workshops get the very best experience possible. He tailors the tuition to suit everyone’s ability and is extremely generous in sharing his experience and know-how (this is not the case with all photography tutors in my experience). We had a great day around Robin Hoods Bay. David knows his locations intimately and made sure we were in the right spot at the right time. The practical advice was supplemented with examples drawn from his own work to explain principles of composition etc and we even managed to squeeze in a really useful photoshop tutorial over lunch in a cafe overlooking the bay – wonderful! All in all a totally absorbing day which was great fun and has moved my photography skills on in leaps and bounds!

Andy C

Hi David, Just wanted to say thanks for a fab day in Whitby. Alfie and I really enjoyed it (can’t believe he is using manual mode!) and I will send you a couple of pics via email. Thanks again, and look forward to another one soon!

Lydia J

Dear David, thank you for Sunday – another great day where I learned some more & managed to take one or two reasonable photographs. I must say that I very much enjoy going out on photography trips with you, you are patient and, despite the fact that I must frustrate you at times, you never show it. Need to practice more on focusing (some efforts better than others!) & just introducing myself to layer masks. Thank you once again, I’ll sign up for an Autumn course on Erratics in the Yorkshire dales.

Nick P

Joined David on his workshop to Flamborough yesterday. Although a bit cloudy the sun did come out for a bit. Fantastic day with David who was so happy to teach and very patient with a complete novice. Learned loads and really enjoyed myself. Thank you so much!!

Andrina G

Hi Dave, Just wanted to say thanks for a great day on your Malham workshop, it was good to have another persons view on things and the different techniques you showed me for different situations came in very handy. Hopefully after such a great day I can go on and keep improving my photography skills. A very good experience and I would highly recommend, many thanks Dave.

Andy G

Really enjoyed my day with Dave on the Robin Hoods Bay workshop. Apart from being a good instructor and an enthusiastic coach; he is one of those guys who has the ability to put you at ease as soon as you meet. Dave knows the location well which allowed us to visit a number of different areas during the day. I would recommend a workshop with Dave to everyone.

Colin S

Well David, I have found time to sit down and thank you for a great day out at Malham in early February. When I say early I also mean early in the morning. The day was absolutely brilliant. You pitched the day just right for my knowledge. I now have more confidence when using my camera on ‘manual’ mode. If anyone wants a great day out learning about landscape photography, book a day with David. All the best David and I hope to share another day with you in the future

Ron E

Hi David Thank you for the ‘eye opening’ workshop. Given that I was (and am) a complete novice, I am just very thankful you didn’t try to complicate it for me. I was worried I wouldn’t understand the technicalities of a camera but I am feeling a lot more confident about experimenting with the various settings now. Thank you also for sharing the thought process behind shooting landscapes, alongside other useful tips and techniques S Barker – Swaledale Workshop

S Barker

Hi David, I thought you might be interested to know that two of the pictures I took during the workshop with you last year formed part of my successful RPS ‘L’ distinction portfolio this summer. They have just appeared on the RPS website if you would like to see how they came out you can see them here Best wishes, Ken …

Ken B

I had a one to one session with David. Im new to photography and was worried that i would struggle with the lessons. But David really brought it down to my level and by the end of the day I was taking some amazing shots and understanding what was been taught… I can’t thank David enough for the day I had and as soon as I’ve saved some more money i will definitely be booking my second lesson and hopefully go to the coast!!! I cannot recommend this man enough!!! You will not regret any money you spend on a day with him!!! Thank you so much David!!!

Matt S

I have just returned from a one day workshop in the Yorkshire Dales, where it threw it down and blew a gale all day. Despite this, I had a great time thanks to David Speight, my instructor. David is a very talented photographer, but his knowledge of the subject and calm patience also make him a great teacher. He knows the Yorkshire Dales like the back of his hand and so we were able to switch location several times during the day to make the most of the bad weather. Throughout the day, David made every effort to ensure I met all of my objectives from the workshop, he clearly cares about his clients satisfaction. I left with some great shots, but also with the confidence to go and develop my skills further on my own. Having said that, there is always more to learn and so I will be looking forward to my next workshop with David, maybe during a spell of better weather.

Joel W

I’ve recently been on one of Davids “one to one” courses and I can honestly say it was a superb day. David is a great teacher with masses of knowledge on camera techniques, composition and Photoshop. His character comes through on the day and this sets you at ease so you don’t feel like your being taught, but you are. One last thing, his choice of locations have some spectacular images to capture. I’ll definitely be booking one of his courses in Whitby next year.

Harry F

I have recently completed a one to one workshop with David in the Yorkshire Dales, this guy has a passion and love of his craft and this enthusiasm is offered plentiful and on a plate. If you’re interested in experiencing the north of england and landscape photography or improving your landscape photography, this is your guy. Honest, funny and generous in his advice and choice of locations. David Alderson, (Swaledale / Ingleborough Two Day Workshop)

David Alderson

Thanks so much for the Yorkshire Dales one to one workshop on Saturday, I really enjoyed it. The locations you took us to were superb and the help and advice you offered was excellent. The way the day was split up made it feel like we were there for longer than we really were. I’m just working through my photos now and am really pleased with them. I think we’d both really like to come back up in the Autumn and spend some more time with you doing another workshop. Thanks again for a great workshop and the information you have sent over in the email, will certainly keep in contact and see you later on in the year. Cheers, J Jackson

J Jackson

Hi David Thanks for the links and attachment. I was with the gang who paid for the day with you today. I showed them the images on my laptop (quickly blended and minimally worked on in Photoshop) and they were very impressed – as am I! They’re the best images I’ve ever deliberately (as opposed to accidentally) achieved. It was a brilliant day as far as I’m concerned (even with the soaking!). I’m going to work on the images in photoshop and then post them online. I’ll definitely send you a link so you can see too what we captured. I don’t know when I’ll get chance though as I’ve been loaded up with lots of work to do today, so it might be a while as I want to take my time over them and experiment with the raw files. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening day – I learned lots! All the best Lynne

Lynne R

Hi David, Thank you for sending the links and thank you very much for a great photo workshop. Thanks for your clear explanations (as I said in the Questionnaire I dislike studying manuals) N also managed to achieve some great photos (actually more than achieved, I am actually ecstatic! – especially with the waterfall but also the Hawthorn tree) we had been hoping to get. Your enthusiasm really helped us to understand the cameras settings so much better. Again – thanks for that! Unfortunately – or fortunately I should say – lots of work was waiting for us coming back, so all I managed up to now is downloading the photos but I did not have any time for editing. I’ll be in touch soon, Best wishes, R & N (Shetland)

R & N Verheyen