David Speight Photography

autumn at Hardcastle Crags, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

autumn at Hardcastle Crags, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

A pair of giant sized old Beeches framed by peak autumn colours, in woodland at Hardcastle Crags, above Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Seeing as it's relatively close to home, I really should visit Hardcastle Crags more often than my few annual autumn and early summer visits, it's a wonderful place at all times of year. The leaves tend to come into their peak colour around the first week in November, although the slightest wind and it can be all gone, so timing a visit around the weather is important. This image was shot in typical Yorkshire weather for October... damp and overcast, but the polariser does a great job of cutting through the damp sheen on the leaves to reveal the full colour.

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