David Speight Photography

autumn woodland & mist, west yorkshire

autumn woodland & mist, west yorkshire

Peak autumn colours subdued by a thick blanket of mist at Lower Hopton Woods, near Mirfield, West Yorkshire. I grew up only ten minutes walk from here, so this is my local woodland. I've photographed it quite a few times over the years, but found it difficult to find compositions I'm truly happy with. The Beech and Sycamore Trees tend to be well spaced, meaning a fair amount of light gets through, which can easily burn out. With a good mist though, it is a truly different place altogether. Those annoyingly distracting burnt out areas are suddenly transformed into midtone, and some of the messier background trees are softened right down which has the overall effect of simplifying the scenery and making it easier to isolate solitary, or smaller groups of trees.

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