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flamborough & thornwick bay

flamborough & thornwick bay

Selwick Bay at Flamborough Head and Thornwick Bay are two dramatic rocky coves on the east coast of Yorkshire. Both are surrounded by white chalk cliffs, crumbling sea stacks and jagged rock arches providing a wealth of photographic opportunity.

The rocky platform at Selwick Bay consists of a series of natural steps in the white Limestone and these give some lovely diagonal lines to work with as the swirling tide recedes. There are numerous Limpet clad boulders and shallow rock pools which make for the ideal foreground to complement the chalk headland and caves in the background. The views are also pretty spectacular from the cliffs above, where it is possible to compose panoramic images of Selwick Bay, the headland and the famous lighthouse. At Thornwick Bay We will be able to shoot the waves swirling between the Limestone rocks as the tide works its way out and the crumbling rock arch makes for a great focal point in the background. Again the geology here is superb, as are the cliffs and caves making up the distant views.

The exact format of this Yorkshire Coast Photography Workshop will depend on time of year. Through the summer months we will start later in the day (Around midday), working right through until sunset. In the winter months we will endeavour to meet one hour before sunrise, taking advantage of the shorter days and again working up until sunset.

There are no long or strenuous walks on The Yorkshire Coast Flamborough Thornwick Bay Photography Workshop, although there is quite a steep descent down steps onto the beach below from Flamborough Head, but this takes no more than five or ten minutes. At some point throughout the day, we will find time to stop off for a bite to eat, (This is usually in the cafe at Flamborough) This also gives us an opportunity to review the mornings images over breakfast/lunch, and go through one or two of the steps used to process images, before we make our way just round the headland to Thornwick Bay.

Depending on time of year, the workshop may conclude with us shooting the sunset views out to sea from the cliffs and the rocks that outline the bay. Through the summer months, the sun will set behind the cliffs in front of us, enhancing the views up the coast. The winter months will see the sun setting further down the coast which means we could finish up shooting Flamborough Lighthouse, possibly with some fiery colours overhead.

Again there is very little walking at Thornwick Bay, except down to the beach and back but it should be noted that there are some areas and rocks that can be slippery so good footwear is a must.

The Yorkshire Coast Flamborough Thornwick Bay Photography Workshop is a full day workshop, which means at least 8 hours of tuition. The workshop is ideally aimed at both beginner and enthusiast photographers alike. On booking you will receive a simple questionnaire to fill out which helps me to tailor the day exactly to your requirements. Depending on your ability level and experience, a basic day can possibly include tuition on the following subjects; Best practice camera set-up, shooting manual and Raw Format and the reasons why, creative uses of both shutter speed and apertures, explanations of exposure, metering, bracketing e.t.c, manual focusing for maximum depth of field (Also known as Hyperfocal focusing) The use of filters, both exposure balancing (Neutral Density Graduated) and creative effects (Polarisers, Straight Neutral Density) This leaves the best part of the day free to discuss the broader and more subjective topic of composition. What makes a good image? Elements to look for when composing images, The rules of composition, possible instances of when to follow them and when to break them, use of depth, scale, distance and perspective, shoot and location planning around seasonal and differing lighting conditions, so you can go away and successfully plan the best times of year to photograph your own set of locations.

If time permits, I also go through a typical Photoshop workflow, demonstrating the adjustments used from Rawfile through to outputting images for web and print. This also covers some alternatives to using Neutral Density Graduated Filters, in the form of Exposure Blending incorporating alpha channels / luminosity selections and layer masks.

  • 11th Jan 2020 - Available

  • £120 / £30.00

    • Full Days tuition

    • Transport to the Yorkshire Coast

  • Low - No long walks

  • 1 day workshop

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