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Colours of Calderdale Photography Workshop

Colours of Calderdale Photography Workshop

Calderdale, best known for its textile industrial heritage, is a Pennine valley in West Yorkshire. The river Calder rises on the Eastern slopes of the Pennines, with the lower reaches flowing through the major textile producing towns of the past; Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Brighouse. Although industrialisation on a large scale has taken over much of the landscape of West Yorkshire, there are still one or two locations where stunning scenery and the remnants of ancient industry blend together perfectly to provide some fantastic photographic opportunities.

Starting near the former textile town of Todmorden, we will be making our way up a steep sided river gorge. At this time of year, the colours of autumn should be well and truly on fire. This is a stunning, secluded, woodland location with beautiful waterfalls fringed by Silver Birches and ancient beech. Our first stop off however, gives us a fantastic view over the valley to Stoodley Pike. The monument, built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon and the surrender of Paris was completed in 1815 and makes a perfect focal point amongst the spectacular combination of woodland and moorland scenery that surrounds it. At this time of year, this area can be prone to mist and this only adds to the enchantment of the location

We will make our way up the path leading through the gorge, occasionally stopping off to shoot the waterfalls and amazing woodland scenery. This is also a fantastic location to concentrate on smaller, more intimate elements of the landscape such as the various species of Ferns that grow on the banks of the river. Finally, we will finish the morning session by photographing an ancient ruined mill which has become partially re-claimed by the landscape around it.

At lunchtime, We can either make our way to one of the many cafes or pubs at Hebden Bridge,or you are free to bring along a packed lunch if you prefer

After lunch, we will head to another stunning, steep sided, wooded valley, above the town of Hebden Bridge. There is a beautiful waterfall, an old cotton mill and of course the superb autumnal colours of the beautiful mature woodland, so no shortage of subjects to work with. It’s always a challenge to work out orderly compositions from the tangle of unordered trees and undergrowth, but one well worth taking on. We can shoot the old renovated mill from the banks of the millpond. This gives us the chance to photograph the building and its reflection on the calm surface of the pond.

The Colours Of Calderdale Photography Workshop will conclude around sunset. Walking on the workshop is mostly quite easy along good paths. There are some small hills to walk up, though these are quite short distances and broken up by us taking images

This is a full day workshop, which means at least 8 hours of tuition. On booking you will receive a simple questionnaire to fill out which helps me to tailor the day exactly to your requirements. A basic day includes tuition on the following subjects; Best practice camera set-up, shooting manual and Raw Format and the reasons why, creative uses of both shutter speed and apertures, explanations of exposure, metering, bracketing e.t.c, manual focusing for maximum depth of field (Also known as Hyperfocal focusing) The use of filters, both exposure balancing (Neutral Density Graduated) and creative effects (Polarisers, Straight Neutral Density) This leaves the best part of the day free to discuss the broader and more subjective topic of composition. What makes a good image? Elements to look for when composing images, The rules of composition, when to follow them and when to break them, use of depth, scale, distance and perspective, shoot and location planning around seasonal and differing lighting conditions, so you can go away and successfully plan the best times of year to photograph your own set of locations.

If time permits, I also go through a typical Photoshop workflow, demonstrating the adjustments used from Raw file through to outputting images for web and print. This also covers some alternatives to using Neutral Density Graduated Filters, in the form of Exposure Blending incorporating alpha channels / luminosity selections and layer masks.

  • 06th Nov 2022 - Available

  • £130 / £30.00

    • Full Days tuition

    • Transport to the location

    • Personal/Equipment insurance

    • Food/Drinks

  • Low - Average - No long walks

  • 1 day workshop

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