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beginners photography workshop west yorkshire

beginners photography workshop west yorkshire

Photography, and in particular landscape photography has never been as popular as it is right now. There’s so much readily available information on the internet, and various classroom based courses and workshops that it can be difficult to know which way to turn if you’re trying to learn the basics. I still remember very clearly the problems I came up against, and especially image sharpness, or a lack of it when trying to gain an understanding of my cameras various settings and photography in general. Frustratingly though, at that time the only answer to the problem was to read more books and magazines!

For this reason I have developed a course of one day photography workshops that will cater solely for newcomers to digital photography, or those who have maybe had a lay off and need a refresher to go back over the basics. I fully believe that practical, location based tuition in the company of similar individuals is the best way to fast track the learning process  and gain a good foundation that will form the basis of your photography for years to come.

What Will You Learn?

  • We’ll initially look at the different settings on the mode dial of your camera, with clear explanations of the possible subjects or circumstances, and why you might choose a particular shooting mode. We’ll also shoot in manual mode for much of the day.
  • We’ll walk through all the various settings that control the exposure of your images. This will include choosing metering modes, setting your own aperture, shutter speed, ISO and bracketing exposures. We’ll also look at checking your exposures using the histogram, with clear and un-complicated explanations.
  • We will explore the various focusing methods of your camera, and in particular you will learn how to control depth of field, either as a way to maximise the sharpness of an image from front to back, or to blur background/foreground to possibly isolate a subject.
  • Composition. The art of seeing images and arranging elements within the frame. There will be opportunity to discuss the rules of composition, as well as finding out how we can use depth, distance and perspective to create more dramatic landscape images. We’ll also cover lens choice at this point.
  • Finally, you will also become familiar with the various filters used for landscape photography and also the situations that require them. The types of filters we will use include neutral density graduated filters, to retain detail in skies. Polarising filters to remove glare from water, foliage or create contrast in blue skies and also standard ND filters to lengthen exposures and create motion or blur in water/sky or other subjects.

Group Size

Some of the more generic workshop companies out there are trying to claim that 8-10 clients to one tutor, is a small group size. When you consider that many of these workshops only last around six hours, that’s actually less than one hour of tuition per person! Group size on the beginners’ photography workshop is a maximum of five people with a typical day lasting around eight hours. This means that each individual will receive more than enough tuition time on both a group and one to one basis.


Rather than being based in one static location, beginners’ photography workshops will take place in various locations around West Yorkshire. Because I grew up and live in West Yorkshire, I have a very good knowledge of the area, and can choose the best locations to photograph around particular seasonal highlights. Highlights of the year include the bright yellow fields of Oilseed Rape or Bluebells in the spring, the Heather on the moors in late summer or the fantastic colours of the local woodland in autumn. To get an idea of the type of locations we could possibly visit, please see the accompanying images. Areas of West Yorkshire we could possibly visit include Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Mirfield, Brighouse, Hebden Bridge & Todmorden. We may also visit one or two locations just into south Yorkshire near Barnsley and Sheffield.

Why Me

  • First and foremost I’m a landscape photographer with over twenty years’ experience, and have run a photography business since 2007.
  • I’m an established photography workshop provider, teaching hundreds of clients since 2012.
  • My work is regularly published in the UK and overseas to illustrate books, magazines, calendars advertising etc, and while this might not count as any kind of qualification as such, it does however guarantee a certain technical standard.
  • Small Group sizes. The maximum number of photographers on any course will never exceed five. This means that I’m able to spend lots of time with individuals on a one to one basis to make sure everything is fully understood.
  • I know the areas we will photograph intimately, and can choose locations based on knowledge of seasonal highlights and around prevailing weather conditions. This is in stark contrast to some other workshops that operate from one single location, and invariably follow the same format over and over again.
  • 08th Sep 2021 - Fully Booked
    22nd Sep 2021 - Fully Booked
    06th Oct 2021 - Fully Booked
    20th Oct 2021 - Fully Booked
    01st Dec 2021 - Last Places!
    15th Dec 2021 - Available
    12th Jan 2022 - Last Places!
    09th Mar 2022 - Available
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    16th Nov 2022 - Available
    14th Dec 2022 - Available

  • £95.00 / £25.00

    • Full Days tuition

    • Loan of filters/tripod if necessary

    • Transport to the location

    • Personal/Equipment insurance

    • Food/Drinks

  • Low - Average - No long walks

  • Eight hours including sunrise or sunset shoot

  • 5