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one to one courses and workshops (Half Day)

one to one courses and workshops (Half Day)

The half day one to one landscape photography workshops have been developed as a way to help beginner photographers master the manual controls of their DSLR or digital camera. The half day courses are run midweek, at locations local to me in West Yorkshire. All one to one tuition is tailored to your individual requirement by way of a short and un-complicated questionnaire.

A few of the subjects we can possibly cover include;

  • Good tripod technique
  • Exposure (iso, apertures, shutter speeds, histograms)
  • Depth of field (Manual, Hyperfocal Focusing)
  • Advantages of shooting in manual and Raw format
  • Other shooting modes (AV,TV,P etc)
  • Correct use of filters (ND grads, standard NDs, Polarisers)

A typical day lasts around five hours from start to finish and can include a sunrise or sunset. You are free to decide what time of day you would like to start.

Price for a half day of one to one tuition is £125.00 for one photographer. A £25.00 deposit is due at the time of booking, with the balance payable by bank transfer on arrangement of date and location.

  • £125.00 / £25.00

    • Half days tuition

    • Transport to the location

    • Food/Drink

    • Personal/equipment insurance

  • Any level

  • Half day

  • 4